Our Purpose

Many of the world’s most beautiful places can only be reached via trail. These places can fill a person with wonder and awe, and connect us to the world and each other in completely unique ways.  The experience and adventure of reaching these places can change the way one sees themselves, others and our world.  Yet there are nearly 20 Million people in the US that, because of reduced mobility can’t reach these places, and experience what so many people love about the outdoors.  We want to enable individuals and families to reach these places and experience the awe for themselves.  We will accomplish this by:

  1. Raising funds to purchase equipment that will facilitate these journeys.  This equipment will be donated to State Parks, National Parks, Civic Organizations, and other organizations. These organizations will make the chairs available to visitors/members at no cost to the rider.
  2. Helping these organizations market, maintain, and effectively use the equipment to give as many riders as possible the opportunity to get out.
  3. Recruiting, organizing and training volunteers to act as Sherpas for individuals or families that need additional assistance.

Our Vision

People of all abilities can have adventures, feel empowered, gain confidence, and build relationships through getting out and safely exploring trails and wild places.

Our Values

  • Safety
  • Love
  • Adventure